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Okay ladies, the traditional style of greenery in wedding bouquets is being redefined.  Now, even the greenery can make a Bride’s bouquet as unique as her!

This Bride’s bouquet was made up of smaller bouquets that influential women in her life handed her as she walked down the aisle.  Her mother was at the end of the aisle with a ribbon, tying all of the smaller bouquets together.   Beargrass loops were used as greenery accents abstractly throughout the bouquet.

The bridesmaid bouquets also were accented with beargrass loops.

Another way beargrass can be used is with loops around the base of the bouquet to accent the flowers.  It can also be a great accent for boutonnieres and corsages.

This is a very simple corsage with freesia and beargrass.  It could be dressed up with more ribbon or by wrapping the stem.

On Left: Beargrass is used to create  cascading look.  On Right: Beargrass loops are used to create a halo effect.

Beargrass can be used in combination with other greenery in the bouquet or as the only greenery.

Or you can use a combination of loops and cascading pieces of beargrass.

Beargrass can also be used in arrangements to create a modern look in the vase or bouquet.

Here are some other interesting looks…

This is a relatively inexpensive way to pull off a beautiful wedding reception – perfect for spring!

This bride gathered random vases of various shapes and sizes.  You can take these from your own personal collection or find them at garage sales and thrift stores.

I arranged the flowers loosely as to resemble wildflowers for a less formal look.

The Bride’s bouquet matched the reception flowers and was wrapped in twine – also used in other decorations with burlap throughout the wedding.

A similar look with blue bottles…

Yellow lilies and white larkspur were arranged in large mason jars to decorate the food and guestbook tables.

A look at the bridesmaid bouquets which were arranged as small clusters of wildflower-like flowers also wrapped in twine.

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